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Dease Lake & Telegraph Creek Aug. 18 & 19, 2012

Dease lake is located at the Junction of the Cassiar Hwy. and Telegraph Creek Road. A Hudson’s Bay Co. post was established at Dease Lake in 1838 and abandoned a year later. It was a center for boat building during the Cassiar gold rush in 1872-80. Today Dease Lake is a Government center & supply point for the district. Northern Lights College has a campus here. We stopped here for Steve & Mike to do some fishing.

This is where we stayed & Water’s Edge Campground.

DSCN6040   DSCN5996  DSCN5999

DSCN6004   DSCN6006  DSCN6036

Also while @ Dease Lake we wanted to take the 70 mile one way trip out Telegraph Creek Road. This rd. built in 1922 is a narrow gravel rd. with several steep switchbacks. The scenery along the rd. is remarkable, with views of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine River. Historic Telegraph Creek @ roads end has many turn of the century buildings from the gold rush days.

Below are pix from our 70 mile one way drive. We took a picnic lunch as there really aren’t any services open any longer.

DSCN6041  DSCN6056  DSCN6065

DSCN6073  DSCN6085  DSCN6094

DSCN6142  DSCN6147  DSCN6158

When the light is right you can see a bird in this Mtn. (hill) below. Some say it’s an Eagle but the locals say it’s a Crow.   

DSCN6168  DSCN6171  DSCN6202

I didn’t find a church mouse bet I did find this Squirrel on the church steps eating red berries. 

DSCN6206      DSCN6218DSCN6213


  DSCN6220  DSCN6233  DSCN6309

DSCN6305  DSCN6308  DSCN6335

This was a fun & interesting drive One to do carefully. It has steep grades & several switchbacks.

It has taken a while to get back & finish this blog. I still have to do one of my favorite stops Stewart – Hyder & the Grizzly's.

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  1. REally great post. Now we have to go back and do Telegraph Road